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A central musebox for the voices belonging to the head of human_nosferatu. Feel free to join, comment, critique and play with them.

A master list:

captn_amestris : Roy Mustang, FMA, AU Marvel multiverse, Captain Amestris

warm_blue_flame : Roy Mustang, FMA, canon mangaverse, up to around chapter 95

papa_hoho : Van Hohenheim, FMA, canon mangaverse, up to chapter 93

starsuit : William T. Spears, Kuroshitsuji, canon mangaverse, circus arc

mute_prince : Caim, Drakengard, canon gameverse

diaperbutt : Vincent Law, Ergo Proxy, canon

ripperpants : John Druitt aka Jack the Ripper, Sanctuary, canon up to Haunted (episode 10, season 2)

svedishmeatball : Berwald Oxenstierna/Sweden, Axis Powers Hetalia

willubemygirl : Akihiko Sanada, canon, Persona 3: FES/Portable

princechie : Chie Satonaka, canon, Persona 4 manga

discofroggy : Yosuke Hanamura, canon, Persona 4

notsofireproof : Bard, canon mangaverse up to chapter 34, Kuroshitsuji

hndsomedevil : Dante Sparda, DMC